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Professionally laundered linens and uniforms are elegant, aesthetically appealing and help you individualize your restaurant. By relying on a re-usable product, our linens and uniforms are cost-effective and also help you in your efforts to be more environmentally friendly and reduce waste. Read more

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Restaurants Cafes bars lounges for sale in New York City and Brooklyn. Whether you are thinking of buying or selling please give RNS a call we are selling through our established network of restaurateurs and landlords and will accompany you from start to finish. 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry RNS is the restaurant Specialist.. Read more

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Restaurant stories and Features, Trends, New Openings, What's Hot What's Not. Get the Insider story with Pascal's Picks! A weekly blog covering the latest trends and styles of New York City living. Read more


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I saved $5000/year on my trash removal, I got an A from a C.
I found my restaurant and signed a great lease. Find out how you too can save on your operating costs! Read more